Connecting people with information. It allows everyone within the organization to communicate intuitively, collaborate, and share knowledge in a user-friendly environment.

WHY USE E-Policybook™ ?

All relevant business communication and information on one clear Dashboard.

Every successful organisation is built on a strong mission, vision, values, and standards. E-Policybook™ quickly helps you to identify values and standards relevant to you.

We create an environment where everybody is encouraged to ask questions, helping teams in all your locations and job positions stay updated with the latest information on values and standards.

Because the value distribution takes place remotely, it can cut down on training and instructional costs. It creates a centralised place where values and standards are stored together, benefitting everyone in your organisation.



E-Policybook™ offers decentralised consumption while offering centralised administration and governance. This can be a real game-changer for organisations with multiple sites, multiple business units, or decentralised operations. We create an environment where everybody is encouraged to ask questions, and help teams in all your locations and job positions stay updated with the latest information on values and standards.

Connecting the dots

Values are not simple posters on a wall. In order for an organisation to be successful, the values must be clear, and the standards must be lived. E-Policybook™ connects the WHY (values) with the HOW (standards). In this way, teams start connecting the dots and can make more informed decisions.

Sharing knowledge

E-Policybook™ allows participants to see, share, and scale values and standards while also making it easy for teams to collaborate with one another for successful value distribution. With this collaborative function, team members can even leave their feedback directly on the platform, sharing comments in real-time with everyone involved.


Research shows that consultants are often brought in from outside the organisation before fully utilizing the already available internal knowledge. E-Policybook™ can be used to give teams the opportunity to share that knowledge. Because the value distribution takes place remotely, it can cut down on training and instructional costs. A centralised place where values and standards are stored together can benefit everyone in your organisation.


That means that you can start immediately without worrying about installation (costs), management, updates and maintenance. Our cloud solution provides higher efficiency and cost effectiveness and ensures that you and your colleagues can work together continuously and safely.

No installation or maintenance costs

No depreciation

No start up costs

Automatic and free software updates
Accessible everywhere

Security managed for you


24 hour turnaround email support



New team-members are welcomed within the community and familiarised with the company culture, values and standards, which refers to the beliefs and behaviours and how company’s employees and management interacts with each other. Within the community teams can inform themselves on topics such as dress code, business hours, office setup, employ benefits, turnover, treatment of clients, client satisfaction and every other aspect of operations.


When a team member visits the platform a second time, they will not be bothered with the same old information, but instead, be provided only with relevant content. Members can be assigned to a specific branch, department, or role within the organisation and get access to related information. Regardless the policy, project, or program with E-Policybook™ everyone within the organisation is on the same page.

Push Notifications

With a Push Notification, you can sent pop-up messages to all the organizational users on the platform. This feature shows the latest updates to value and standards, tells a user to take an action, such as downloading a file or lets a user know about an event such as workshops, training, meetings, or network events.


Compose your own Quizzes for measuring- standard operational procedures (SoP’s), ISO-standards, employee engagement survey, safety measures, code of conducts, and all other company values and operating standards. With the corporate training quiz, you can make sure that your teams understand your values and standards along with making their obligations and responsibilities clear.

Rate and Like

Good content deserves attention. You can help to improve the quality of the content by rating or liking it. This continuously improves both the quality, as well as the consistency, of the available content that supports the company values and operating standards.


You can manage and maintain E-Policybook™ yourself. Create your own community, make your own quizzes, rate and update your values and standard, and share as much learning content as you want. As an administrator, you can assign advanced user permissions. All this and the ability to import and export data in a simple and safe space.


You must be able to fall back on a reliable platform at any time without worrying. At E-Policybook™, the safety and privacy of your data comes first. We take care of that, now and in the future!

Secure laravel framework

SSL encryption on all pages

Cloudflare Web Application Firewall

Extremely restrictive firewall setup

Hardened Ubuntu 16.04 servers with dialy security updates

Intrusion detection

Salted bcrypt encrypted storage of passwords

24/7 monitoring


Choose your own package and improve your Progress in Performance

Active users


  • Content uploading
  • Add goals and routes
  • Build your dedicated community
  • Publishing Push Alerts
  • Make you own quizzes
  • Create your own surveys
  • Google Analytics
  • Email-based support
  • Monthly workshop
  • Customized Visualisations


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